We tailor our wide range of services to fit your group’s individual needs, budget and timeframe.

THE BIG PICTURE. C&R brings a fresh set of eyes to your association’s operations. We analyze and assess your strengths and weaknesses, and formulate the strategy you need to meet and exceed your goals. We also help you communicate your value to members and prospects.

Administrative tasks

It’s the little things that take time, such as daily emails, reports, website updates, database management and phone calls. These are also the details that overburden your volunteers, leading to volunteer burnout and a decline in membership. We take care of day-to-day operations for you. Your volunteers stay focused on strategy, not daily operations, and become your staunchest ambassadors.

Database management

CLOUD-BASED AND HARD-COPY DOCUMENT STORAGE. Maintain the integrity of your important documents, such as IRS filings and financials. We also store such documents as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and policy and procedure manuals. You can retrieve them easily from the cloud.

Fiduciary responsibilities

FINANCES. We send out invoices, write checks, help you build your budget, and conduct fiduciary oversight to assure transparency.

Social media

MAKE A SPLASH. We know the differences in demographics, click ratios and posting rules from one social media platform to the next. Rely on us to keep your company visible.


A well-planned event will make your guests feel special, fulfill its objective, and create anticipation for the next one. Bad events go viral.  With the name and reputation of your organization at stake, it pays to have a professional with years of experience navigate the minefield of making a good impression.

Legal pitfalls

Associations, foundations and nonprofits have to adhere to myriad laws and regulations. Organizations have been sued because they lacked appropriate policies and procedures, such as a strong antitrust or anti-collusion policy. We know what policies you should have to keep you from the lawsuits these organizations faced:

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